Wilson Group Communications

The Wilson Group specializes solely in crisis management and related services. Simply put, we help organizations overcome problems and combat crises. Often, we can help them avoid crises altogether.

Whether it's a chemical spill or violence in the workplace, we have a proven track record for achieving positive results in the midst of crises. And, while no one can turn wrong into right, we routinely help organizations make the best out of bad situations.

The Wilson Group's Real World Media Training is now part of Ritter Communications

When a crisis or major emergency strikes, how you respond can be as important in the public eye as the crisis itself. And it doesn't take a major crisis to create a major headache. If the public is endangered-or the perception exists that they could be-it can create major problems for you, particularly with the news media. Today, what used to be a "local" story can be become a national story within a few minutes via cable news and the Internet. If you're not prepared, the results can be devastating.

For more information on our crisis management services, please email us at info@wilson-group.com.

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